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Trolleys provide seat of learning
Colin Lovekin and one of his chairs
Colin Lovekin's chairs even have a basket at the back
A designer in Devon has found a new way to make use of old shopping trolleys, by making furniture out of them.

Design graduate Colin Lovekin, 46, from Budlake, near Exeter, made his first batch of trolley-based furniture for his degree in three-dimensional design.

The first trolleys were donated by Sainsbury's, and the company is now looking at the potential for using his furniture in advertising.

The chair design features curved arms, wheeled legs, and a basket at the back.

Father-of-two Mr Lovekin made three chairs and a sofa while studying for his degree at the University of Plymouth.

He uses one of his prototype chairs at his home in Budlake and is now set to make more for a friend.

'Spare trolleys'

"I was looking to make a chair from inappropriate material," he said when explaining how he came up with the idea.

"I telephoned Sainsbury's and asked if they had any spare trolleys, and within 10 minutes I had a telephone call from head office.

"I already had an idea of a shape for the furniture, and cut the trolleys up into their component parts to make them."

Mr Lovekin, a college warden in Somerset for five years, is also a cabinet maker and upholsterer.

Sainsbury's, which saw his creations at a London design show in July, was looking at the potential for using his furniture in advertising, he added.

About 100,000 trolleys are destroyed every year, many going into landfill.

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