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Last Updated: Friday, 12 August 2005, 15:24 GMT 16:24 UK
Second attempt for Polar mother
Polar bear
Ms Daniels may have to contend with polar bears on her trip
Explorer Ann Daniels from Devon has announced she will try again to become the first woman to ski solo to the North Pole.

In March the 40-year-old had to abandon her first attempt 400 miles (644km) short of her target and was airlifted off the ice following supply problems.

When Daniels returned to her Whimple home, she said she felt cheated and would try to make another attempt .

The mother-of-four's new bid could begin as early as next March.

Harder terrain

Ms Daniels, who left from Siberia on her previous trek, is now planning a new starting point.

She said: "I am going again, but this time from Canada because of the problems I had last time. I cannot risk it again."

Although the explorer will have to cover fewer miles on her new attempt, she said the terrain will be harder and more physically demanding.

During her previous trip Ms Daniels has two close encounters of the furry kind with polar bears and used a Magnum handgun to scare one off.

She is a veteran of a number of polar expeditions. Ms Daniels and London-based film financier Caroline Hamilton, were the first women to reach both North and South Poles.

The search is now on to find a major sponsor to fund the trip.


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