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Father doubts son is still alive
Ross Baker
Ross Baker is missing in Koh Phi Phi
The father of a singer missing after the Indian Ocean tsunami says he thinks there is little hope he is still alive.

Ross Baker, 26, was with friends he met while travelling on the island of Koh Phi Phi when the giant waves struck.

He was due to meet a friend in Bangkok on 28 December but never arrived and he has not been in contact with his family since the disaster on Boxing Day.

His father, Steve, from South Brent, Devon, said he was negative about the situation because a week has passed.

Ross Baker was taking a break from his part as Jewish violinist Schlomo Metzenbaum in a nine-month touring production of the musical Fame.

His cousin, Jodie Baker, 26, from Plymouth, and his brother, Peter, have travelled to Thailand to try and find him.

There's very little I can do
Steve Baker
Steve Baker said: "Personally, I think there's little hope that he's still alive.

"The only thing that might be the case is that he's in an intensive care unit somewhere and unable to contact us.

"But I'm feeling negative about it now as a week has gone past.

"I'm numb. I've often wondered what it would be like to feel numb after hearing other people say it, and now I know exactly.

"I also feel totally impotent. There's very little I can do. I can log on to the internet and trawl hospital sites, or I can watch the news.

"But it's been pretty grim. It's got worse with each day and will be for some time yet, I guess."

A group of friends Ross met in Thailand contacted his father to say he had spent Christmas Day with them on Koh Phi Phi, but had gone missing following the tsunami.

His brother and cousin arrived in Thailand on Saturday morning to begin a search for him at the embassy and in local hospitals.

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