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More pennies spent on public loos
Public toilet signs
The Paignton toilets are the latest to open under the new policy.
Torbay Council is opening a number of new toilets after being heavily criticised for closing them in a cost cutting exercise.

The unitary authority was forced to think again after the public reacted angrily to the closures.

There had been fears that the previous policy would discourage thousands of holidaymakers who visit the Bay area every year.

A recent survey found toilets to be the most important issue in the area.

As a result the council has been re-opening them ever since.

The latest newly refurbished toilets were opened in Paignton on Wednesday.

They include a unisex toilet and facilities for people with disabilities.

The Council is reviewing the provision of toilets in other places.

Campaign to save public loos
26 Oct 03 |  Devon

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