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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 November, 2004, 13:33 GMT
Students put university on eBay
University of Exeter protest
Hundreds of students joined a protest march on Thursday
Students at Exeter University put the institution up for sale on internet auction site eBay as part of their protest against proposed cuts.

The university wants to end degrees in music, chemistry and Italian.

On Wednesday night, the highest mock bid was 10m and the page had received more than 4,000 hits. The auction website removed the page on Thursday.

The university has insisted the students will be able to finish their degrees in the affected departments.

In the Rules and Policies section of the website, eBay says it reserves the right to "delete any listing that may violate any legal provision or the general principles and values of the eBay community".

Protest march

A spokesperson for eBay UK said of the university listing: "The auction was taken down because people can only put items on the site that they are actually in a position to sell."

Despite saying students will be allowed to complete their courses, hundreds joined a protest march against the cuts on Thursday.

The issue was raised in the House of Commons, but Leader of the House Peter Hain said that while the government was doing its best to promote science, the university was an independent body that made its own decisions.

Vice-Chancellor Steve Smith is due to e-mail each student with the university's plans.

According to leaked information, up to 130 staff are to be made redundant from next July, although the university said short-term contracts will be offered while the courses are being wound down.

The university said its projected deficit has risen from 1.5m this year to 4.46m.

The stopping of courses in music, chemistry and Italian would save 1.5m.

About 4m will be used to fund any pay-offs and talks about the terms of redundancy have already started.

More students from state schools
30 Sep 04 |  Education


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