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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 November, 2004, 15:50 GMT
Police reject abuse case claims
William Goad
Goad was ordered to pay 50, 000 towards the cost of his trial
Police have hit back at claims they did not fully follow up evidence of child abuse.

A group representing victims of serial paedophile William Goad said they told police about a series of other abusers.

But Devon and Cornwall Police said only three people were identified as part of millionaire Goad's ring.

Last month Goad, 60, of Ford Park Road, Plymouth, was jailed for life for sexual offences against young boys over a 30-year period.

Det Chief Insp Michele Slevin, who conducted the Goad investigation, said "An enormous number of victims and witnesses were identified and interviewed as part of the investigation.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary continue to be committed to delivering justice for all victims of sexual abuse
Devon and Cornwall Police
"[However] only three people were identified either by name or nickname, as being involved in allegations of sexual abuse.

"The allegations against all three of these men have been investigated, however, there proved to be insufficient evidence to charge any of these individuals."

There had been no shortcuts in the six-year investigation into the offences committed by Goad, said the force in a statement.

"Devon and Cornwall Constabulary continue to be committed to delivering justice for all victims of sexual abuse no matter that it may be historic abuse.

"The tenacity and integrity of the investigation disclosed offences committed against victims which the victims themselves had previously denied."

'At large'

William Goad, who used to run a market stall at Par near St Austell, was described in court as a "voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual paedophile."

The officers involved in the case were praised by the judge for the quality of their work.

However, Shy Keenan from Phoenix Survivors, the group representing Goad's victims, told BBC File on 4 the number of offenders still at large who were connected to Goad were in double figures.

She claimed there was no evidence of fully resourced follow up investigations into these criminals.

"I don't accept that the information has been vague, and I would say categorically that names have been given of other men involved in this.

"I don't believe Devon and Cornwall police have done all they can in this particular case. There is much more they should still do."



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