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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 June, 2004, 07:46 GMT 08:46 UK
Growth of speed cameras slowing
Speed camera
The new speed cameras will take the total in the region to 123
Nine new speed camera sites are to be set up in Devon and Cornwall this year.

That is far lower than in previous years, indicating their numbers may be reaching a peak.

There are currently 114 fixed speed camera boxes in Devon and Cornwall, with only a small number actually having cameras inside them.

The police refuse to say exactly how many, but deny motorists' claims that cameras are merely designed to raise revenue, rather than save lives.

Casualties fallen

The Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership said all the new sites would be at locations with a history of serious accidents where speeds need to be reduced.

Natalie Hatswell, from the partnership, said: "If they take their foot off the throttle and if we can get the casualty rates down, there won't be any need for cameras.

"The only reason they are there is because they are sited where there has been a very bad history of crashes."

Provisional figures issued earlier this year for 2003 by the partnership showed that casualties and speeds had reduced at safety camera sites in the region.

It showed the number of collisions resulting in serious or fatal injuries throughout the two counties had fallen by 15% in 2003 to 641, compared to the average of the previous three years of 753.

'Supergun' to catch out speeders
26 May 04  |  Hampshire/Dorset

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