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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 April, 2004, 10:47 GMT 11:47 UK
Dozens held after football match
Argyle fans in celebratory mood
Trouble erupted in Plymouth city centre following the match
Twenty-eight people were arrested after violence in a Plymouth city centre pub following Saturday's promotion-winning victory by Plymouth Argyle.

Police sealed off the road outside the Noah's Ark pub in Courtney Street and used licensing laws to close the pub.

Officers say a further 12 people were also arrested prior to and during the match itself, which Plymouth won 2-0 against QPR.

All those arrested have now been released on police bail.

Sufficient resources

Inspector Glen Mayhew, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said careful planning meant resources were quickly on hand when the trouble in the pub erupted.

"A high number of officers were deployed to the incident, but this was a combination of months of planning to prepare for the match.

"We had sufficient resources deployed to Plymouth from out of the force area and we also had visual aid from the South Wales Constabulary.

"We were surprised at the number of arrests in such a short period of time which meant we had to open a second custody centre in Plymouth to cope with the demand."

Argyle's win clinched promotion to Nationwide Division One with two matches remaining.

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