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Last Updated: Friday, 5 March, 2004, 07:35 GMT
Postman copes with bird attacks
Jeffrey Patton wards off pheasant
Jeffrey Patton wards off the angry pheasant
A postman is having to deal with a different kind of animal attacker during his rounds in north Devon.

Jeffrey Patton, who runs the Post Office in the village of Swimbridge, near Barnstaple, often has to ward off an angry pheasant on his rounds.

He has been bitten and scratched by the creature, and on one occasion the pheasant even flew into his van.

Mr Patton said he thought it might be because of the mail van's red colour, which encouraged the winged attacker.

The attacks started a few weeks ago.

Each time Mr Patton delivers mail to a particular farm he is followed back down the lane by the creature.

Jeffrey Patton said: "He just doesn't like the red, I think.

"Because he's got the red spot around the eye and as soon as he sees the red of the van, immediately the hormones and aggression kick in and he's off."

The BBC's Philip Loat
"Jeffrey is being stalked by this pheasant..."

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