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Goose-tongued girl's bird claim
Katrina Lindfield and her geese
Katrina is also teaching her flock how to fly
A Devon teenager says she can really talk to the animals and claims she is the only person in the world who can communicate with geese.

Sixteen-year-old Katrina Lindfield, from Whimple near Exeter, says she can understand her geese and is also teaching her own flock how to fly.

Katrina, whose interest started when she got a flock of chickens at 12, hand-reared the geese in her bedroom.

She also claims to be able to crow to cockerels and converse with chickens.

World record

Katrina, who was filmed by the BBC's Spotlight programme as she gave her geese a flying lesson, says she can interpret the noises made by her flock and can tell when they are happy, bored or even when they are thirsty.

She says that when she is communicating with the geese, body language is very important.

"If you bow your head down that's a friendly gesture," she said.

"But if you stay bolt upright they get threatened that because to them you are showing more dominant than them."

Katrina is also planning to try to set a new world record by becoming the first 17-year-old girl to fly north single-handed in a microlight following the migration of wild Canadian geese this summer.

The BBC's Janine Jansen
"This is the real Dr Dolittle..."

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