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Last Updated: Monday, 5 January, 2004, 15:41 GMT
Family reunited with one-eyed Jack
One-eyed Jack
Jack went missing from his home five years ago
A one-eyed cat missing from its home for five years has been reunited with its owners.

The black cat, nicknamed One-Eyed Jack, had been sleeping in an air vent at Plymouth College of Further Education for the past 17 months.

He was eventually caught and taken to the nearby Gables Farm Dogs' and Cats' Home, who placed an advertisement in the local paper.

The cat's owners saw the advert on New Year's Eve and went to see if the one-eyed cat was their missing family pet.

Owner Dion Mellor-Senior, 20, from Plymouth, said the family had searched for Jack after his disappearance but eventually gave up hope of seeing him again.

Broken air vent
Jack had spent the past 17 months living in an air vent
"We hadn't seen him for over five years, so the chances of us seeing an advert and saying: 'That's our cat' were fairly slim.

"We didn't think it could be our cat, but when we saw him it was exactly the same one," he said.

"It was quite an emotional reunion. He was really affectionate and friendly. It is really nice to have him back."

Jack was discovered on Christmas Eve by cat lover Barbara, who goes out every night to feed stray cats.

"He had been living off food out of the skips and I decided to feed him before catching him. Then the Gables did the rest."

The BBC's Lucie Fisher
"From rags to riches, Jack is back home and enjoying life"

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