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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 December, 2003, 09:30 GMT
Climate change centre closes
Flooding is one major effect of suspected climate change
The UK's first regional environmental climate change research unit, which was set up in the South West, has closed.

The Centre for Climate Change Impact Forecasting, or C-Clif, was opened in 1999 to monitor the effects of the weather on Cornwall and Devon.

It was warmly praised by Prince Charles, who said in an opening address for the centre its work would prove vital in monitoring and analysing weather changes and their effects.

But now the unit has quietly closed after failing to secure the grants and funding it needed to survive.

I'm very, very sad that C-Clif has gone under
Dr Tony Stebbing,
former director
C-Clif was a joint project between Plymouth and Exeter universities and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

It was founded to see if climate change was making weather more extreme in the region, which in turn may have been causing problems.

One major effect of suspected climate change in the South West is flooding, which not only effects residents, but also has a significant impact on businesses, such as tourism and farming, as well as on transport links.

C-Clif was created to research exactly what the effects of such problems would be and offer plans to cope.

The unit's first director, Dr Tony Stebbing, said of the news: "I'm very, very sad that C-Clif has gone under.

"It was going to help advise businesses and local government on the effects of climate change, how to anticipate them and how to deal with local consequences and provide a strategy to deal with such changes."

The BBC's Simon Hall
"Climate change is making the weather more extreme."

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