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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 December, 2003, 10:28 GMT
Tor owner charged
Vixen Tor sign
Vixen Tor is privately owned
The farmer who closed one of Dartmoor's best loved landmarks has been charged with attempting to cultivate the moorland around it.

Mary Alford closed Vixen Tor, a popular destination for walkers, earlier this year.

It is private land, but access has traditionally been allowed by the owner.

Following the closure, a walker reported Mrs Alford to the Department for Rural Affairs (Defra), alleging that fertiliser had been spread on the moorland around the Tor.

Defra investigated and Mrs Alford has now been charged with carrying out land improvements without an environmental impact assessment.

The assessments are required by law so that rare plants, wildlife and archaeology can be protected from potential damage caused by any working of land.

Mrs Alford is due before Plymouth magistrates next month.

She has not formally entered a plea to the charge, but says she will contest it.

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