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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 September, 2003, 14:09 GMT 15:09 UK
Groom 'threatened in-law with gun'
Exeter Crown Court
Michael Honeysett pleaded not guilty at Exeter Crown Court
A Devon court has heard how a bridegroom threatened his new sister-in-law with a gun on his wedding day.

Michael Honeysett, 51, produced the imitation hand gun and a lock knife during the wedding reception at his home, an Exeter Crown Court jury was told.

Mr Honeysett from Bideford pleaded not guilty to possessing an imitation firearm with intent and to affray.

Prosecutor Sean Brunton told the jury it was a "peculiar case".

Without warning he took out a handgun and pointed it in her face
Sean Brunton, prosecuting
He said the defendant met his bride-to-be, Zelma Kay, in October last year and they married on 25 January at the register office in Northam, Devon.

Mr Honeysett had not met his future in-laws, Voldis and Susan Kudliskis, before the wedding day but he did speak to Mrs Kudliskis on the phone, a conversation which Mr Brunton described as "not particularly friendly".

The prosecutor said Mr Honeysett told Mrs Kudliskis over the telephone: "I am Mike. I am 50. I am 5ft nothing."

During the wedding reception the court heard Mr Honeysett produced a lock knife and Mrs Kudliskis expressed concern about it and wondered whether it was legal.

Mr Honeysett later suggested they should go upstairs for "a little chat".

"With some reservation she did, and without warning he took out a handgun and pointed it in her face," said Mr Brunton.

The prosecutor said Mr Honeysett told her: "I told you, you do not want me as an enemy."

The court heard Mrs Kudliskis feared the gun was genuine, but it was in fact a metal imitation hand gun capable of firing metal pellets.

Jurors were told there was no suggestion it was loaded at that time.

Mr Honeysett then got out the knife again, threw it on the bed and said to Mrs Kudliskis "you know what this could do".

Mr and Mrs Kudliskis left the reception "in an upset state" and contacted the police, who next day recovered the gun and knife from Mr Honeysett's address.

'Nothing untoward'

But Mr Honeysett told the police it was Mrs Kudliskis who suggested going upstairs at the reception.

He said she asked to see the weapons, and he did not threaten her at any time.

He said she was being argumentative and there was an argument, but nothing untoward happened.

Mr Brunton told the jury it was a bizarre but nasty and intimidating incident.

He said Mrs Kudliskis had no wish to see a gun or a knife on her sister-in-law's wedding day.

The trial was adjourned until Wednesday.

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