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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 September, 2003, 15:46 GMT 16:46 UK
Caravan damaged after cow fall
The cow hurt its front leg in the fall
A Bristol couple's caravan will have to be repaired at the cost of 2,000 - after a cow fell on to it in Devon.

Derrick and Patricia Cogan had turned up for a week's break in their two-berth caravan when they were told the news.

The owner of the site in Berrynarbor, near Combe Martin, north Devon, said a cow had fallen some 30 foot on to the side of the mobile home.

The caravan was being stored in a disused quarry by the site and the inquisitive cow grazed too near the edge, fell, and landed on its back in-between the cliff side and the caravan.

My wife and I were in hysterics about it
Derrick Cogan
Mr Cogan, 63, said: "The site owner said our caravan got hit by a low-flying cow.

"I thought it was a joke but he said it was serious, it was damaged."

Mr Cogan admitted it was not an everyday thing, but a pure accident, which he found funny.

"I just thought it was totally humorous. My wife and I were in hysterics about it."

The couple still managed to enjoy their holiday in their battered caravan, but are now waiting to have the total side replaced, estimated to cost some 2,000.

The cow was left with a damaged front leg and Mr Cogan said he hoped it would now have learned its lesson.

Insurers Caravan Guard said they had never had a stranger claim.

Marketing manager Craig Thompson said: "We've been in the business 20 years and never had anything like this. It really does take the biscuit.

"When we got the claim in, the whole office was in hysterics.

"We've now got to pay up and get the claim through as quickly as possible so Mr Cogan can use his caravan again."

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