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Last Updated: Friday, 9 May, 2003, 06:00 GMT 07:00 UK
Flying the flag for Devon
The Devon flag
Commercial flag makers are already manufacturing the flag

A new flag has been created for Devon.

The distinctive green and white design was chosen after a BBC Devon website poll.

Internet users were asked to vote on about 12 designs submitted by Devonians both at home and abroad.

The winning flag was designed by BBC Devon contributor Ryan Sealey, his design receiving 49% of the total votes cast in the final count.

The image is to be registered with the Flag Institute.

It says that this is a place that's proud of where it is and is proud of itself
Malcolm Bell, South West Tourism

Bob Burns, a Devonian now living in North Lincolnshire, is one of those who started the original debate on a flag for Devon.

"Devonians are only too aware of the ubiquitous Cornish flag, which can often be seen in the form of car bumper stickers, on vehicles entering Devon from Cornwall," he said.

"Until now, there has been no way that Devonians could similarly express their pride in their own County of Devon."

The group promoting the new flag has now contacted the Flag Institute, which is one of the world's main research and documentation centres for flags.

Bumper stickers

Commercial flag makers are already offering the Devon flag at prices ranging from 7 for a small flag to 95 for a full size version.

Moves are also in hand to produce bumper stickers based on the same design.

South West Tourism Chief Executive, Malcolm Bell, said a flag for Devon would re-enforce the strong regional identity.

"It gives the idea that somewhere is special, and it gives the feeling of a sense of place," said Mr Bell.

"It says that this is a place that's proud of where it is and is proud of itself."

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