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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 June, 2003, 09:14 GMT 10:14 UK
Devon flag goes global
Geoffrey and Kathryn Snell's garden in Canada
The flag was chosen after a debate on the BBC Devon website
Devon's new flag, chosen after a BBC Devon website poll, is turning up in some far-flung locations.

Devon ex-pats from as far away as Australia and Canada have been sending photographs to the BBC Devon site proudly displaying the distinctive green and white flag.

The creation of the flag was the culmination of an internet vote on about 12 designs submitted by Devonians both at home and abroad.

And commercial flag makers are now offering the flag at prices ranging from 7 for a small flag to 95 for a full size version.

Bumper stickers

The winning flag was designed by BBC Devon contributor Ryan Sealey, his design receiving 49% of the total votes cast in the final count.

Robyn Parks and Jennifer Heyward with the Devon flag
Robyn Parks and Jennifer Heyward display their flag in Australia

Geoffrey and Kathryn Snell sent a picture of the flag flying in their garden in Canada.

"We are proudly flying the Devon flag at our home on Milton, Ontario," says Mr Snell.

"The picture was taken in the backyard after a tree was hit by lightning."

The image is now in the process of being registered with the Flag Institute.

Moves are also in hand to produce bumper stickers based on the same design.

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