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Tall order for Devon dairy
Courtesy of Paignton Zoo
The calf was born after a 15 to 16 month gestation period.
A Devon dairy has come to the aid of a baby giraffe who has been rejected by his mother.

Paignton Zoo's new baby giraffe was born over the Bank Holiday weekend but his mother did not want to feed him.

So local dairy Definitely Devon has stepped in to keep the newborn, who is more than six-feet tall, supplied with cream.

He is currently consuming five litres, four or five times a day.

He's the most amazing new-born you could ever imagine, he is a truly wonderful sight
Philip Knowling, Paignton Zoo

And staff at Definitely Devon have also come up with a name for the new addition.

He will be known as Zoolu.

"Definitely Devon have been incredibly supportive and have made an important contribution," said zoo spokesperson, Philip Knowling.

"They have been there for Zoolu during his crucial first days."

Senior keeper Jim Dicks said the new arrival is healthy and strong.

"Although he has been rejected by his mother he is feeding well," said Mr Dicks.

"He's big and strong."

And the keeper is spending plenty of time with Zoolu so they can get to know each other.

"I stay until after 2300 at night and come back in for 0600 in the morning," he said.

The calf is the second born to mother Kizi and father Paddy after a 15 to16 month gestation period.

Rothschild giraffes

Mother Kizi was born in August 1993 and came to Paignton Zoo in May 2000.

Paddy was born in January 1991 and came to the Zoo in 1993.

They are Rothschild giraffes from the savannah and open forests of East Africa.

"He's the most amazing new-born you could ever imagine, he is a truly wonderful sight," said Philip Knowling.

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