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Man stabbed in Derby 'as feud escalated'

A Derby man was killed after being cornered by nine men when a feud got out of hand, a jury has been told.

David Campbell, 44, died from a stab wound to the heart in Normanton, Derby, on 30 March 2009.

The men, who deny murder, were looking for an associate of his as part of a feud that had started in November 2008, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The prosecution claims it was not clear which of the nine stabbed Mr Campbell but "they were in it together".

On the day of the alleged murder, it was alleged two cars full of men were cruising the streets of Normanton looking for Ray Burrell.

Stabbed in heart

Both Mr Campbell and Mr Burrell had early been involved with a confrontation with some of the nine accused, the court was told.

Mr Burrell had warned Mr Campbell to run from two men who had left a car and were chasing him with baseball bats.

Mr Campbell escaped, but a short time later was cornered on Crewe Street by the occupants of the two cars.

He was surrounded on the street and, the prosecution claim, one of the defendants stabbed him in the heart. He died shortly afterwards despite medical attention.

Paul Mann QC, prosecuting, told the jury that Mr Campbell's death was "a clear case of murder".

He added: "We cannot say for certain which defendant wielded the knife. What we can say is that they were all in it together."

The jury also heard the police had been able to check the movements of the defendants through CCTV, mobile phone records, and even because one of the defendant's cars was a hire car which - unknown to him - had a satellite tracking device fitted.

The defendants are Anthony Stewart, 23, of Newdigate Street , Derby; Jamie Gibbons, 37, of Harrington Street, Pear Tree, Derby; Michael Fearon, 22, of Richmond Road, Derby; Dewayne Fearon, 33, of Ashe Place, Derby; Orlando Ritchie Stewart, 27, of no fixed abode; Odale Forsyth, 29, of Darby Street, Derby; Ricardo Walters, 28, Harrow Street, Derby; Sheldon McLennon, 23, of Chellands Road, Derby and Jovan Mills, 22, of Odessa Road, London.

The case continues.

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