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Shooting accused denies gun plan

Tributes to Kadeem Blackwood
Kadeem Blackwood was hit in the chest

A man accused of ordering the murder of a rival has said he was "shellshocked" when the teenager was shot dead.

Michael-Paul Hamblett-Sewell rejected suggestions he organised the shooting of Kadeem Blackwood, 15, in November 2008, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Mr Hamblett-Sewell, 20, of Marlborough Road, Derby, said he did not know a gun was taken to a fight. He denies murder.

Gunman Callum Campbell, 19, of Osmaston Park Road, Derby, has already admitted murdering the teenager.

Mr Hamblett-Sewell also told the court he had not been a member of the A1 Crew, a group allegedly connected with gang violence in the city, for six months.

Evidence finished

He added the A1 Crew was not even a "real" gang, but a group of friends who lived in the same area.

However, he refused to name anyone else involved in the group, answering "I do not wish to say" as a number of names were put to him.

He admitted going to Caxton Street recreation ground with Campbell on the fatal night to confront Kadeem but insisted he did not know Campbell had a gun.

The court heard Mr Hamblett-Sewell, who was the only defence witness, say he told Campbell to put the gun down and that he was "shellshocked" when it went off.

Earlier in the trial, the prosecution alleged Mr Hamblett-Sewell was a "general" in the A1 Crew and had ordered the killing of Kadeem, who belonged to a rival gang, over a family insult.

The trial continues.

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