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Clampers acted 'without consent'

Protest at Crompton Street Car Park
Protesters called for motorists to boycott the car park over clamping

A Derby car park at the centre of a row over clamping does not have planning permission, it has emerged.

A council review of unauthorised city centre car parks has found the Crompton Street site does not have consent to be used as an independent parking area.

Now a city councillor is trying to close it down and get people's money back, following protests about "over-zealous" clamping.

Separate plans to include the site in a larger car park are being considered.

Cllr Chris Williamson said: "I'm asking a legal opinion to look at the possibility of forcing them to return all the payments that have been made.

"I think people are very angry about the way in which the owners of the car park have been operating."

People 'very angry'

CP Management, which runs Crompton Street car park, was unavailable for comment.

Officials at the firm have previously said all regulations and relevant fines were clearly displayed and the car park was run within laws laid down by government.

A spokesman for Derby City Council said: "It has emerged that Crompton Street car park does not have an existing planning permission for use as a car park independent of the former Hippodrome building on Green Lane.

"We can confirm that a joint application is being considered for a car park that includes Crompton Street and therefore any action the council could take would not be considered until the outcome of this application is known."

A protest was held at the car park last month by motorists and councillors.

One driver complained they were clamped for having a wheel on a parking bay line and another said they saw a clamp being put on their car after arriving back on time.

At the weekend Simone Avilas slept in her car for two nights to protest at the vehicle being clamped at the car park.

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