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Row over Muslim burial price rise

A large rise in the price of Muslim burials has brought protests from community leaders in Derby.

The cost of the land and special concrete vaults was set to go up from 1,400 to 2,500.

The city council said this reflected the true cost of the work but some Muslims said they resented the way the change was made without consultation.

The decision has now been deferred with officials saying they will explore further options.

Liaison problems

The council said that for some time cremations had subsidised the more expensive burials.

They added that since religious traditions mean Muslims can only be buried, and the grave requires a concrete lining, the extra cost should not be put on other communities.

But Fareed Hussain, former chairman of the Pakistani Community Association, said the council had made assumptions and had not spoken to Muslims.

"It is the way the council on this occasion appear to have gone about this that has got the Muslim community angry.

"These proposals have never been discussed, although it means an increase of 1,100 a time, they wanted to raise the cost immediately and they said they would want to consult with the community afterward."

Mike Carr, from Derby City Council, admitted they had not discussed possible alternative arrangements.

"It would seem there has been a lack of liaison between the communities over the last 18 months - I have only just taken over and I intend to explore all options."


Derby City Council wants to stop taxpayers from subsidising the specific requirements of Muslim burials



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