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Postmen complain of cat attacks
Georgi the cat
Ms Goddard says Georgi still waits for the postman to come everyday
A woman has put a mailbox at the end of her drive after postmen complained of being repeatedly attacked by her cat.

Sarah Goddard, from Derby, said her moggy Georgi had left a postman bleeding after scratching his hands as he put letters through the door.

She explained: "I think she only wants the letters but obviously she must just accidentally catch his fingers."

A spokesman for Royal Mail approved the move to use a post box away from the front door.

He said most attacks were carried out by dogs but it was not uncommon for animals such as cats to attack staff.

'Very responsible'

A statement from the company said: "We record about 5,000 animal attacks a year, the vast majority being dogs but its not uncommon for our postmen and women to be attacked by cats, birds and any other animal protecting its territory.

"Most pet owners are very responsible and in this case Ms Goddard has taken action to allow the postman to make deliveries without the risk of further injury."

Ms Goddard has apologised to delivery staff but said her 18-month-old tortoiseshell tabby cat was not a vicious animal.

She said: "Wherever she is in the house she can hear him [the postman] coming and she runs down."

Mail campaign over dog attacks
11 Aug 05 |  South East Wales

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