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Last Updated: Monday, 13 August 2007, 16:05 GMT 17:05 UK
Fan faces red card on house flags
A football fan has been ordered to remove Derby County flags flying from the roof of his house because they could be seen as advertising.

South Derbyshire District Council has told Robert Hicking he could face legal action and a maximum fine of 2,500.

Mr Hicking, who lives in Hilton and served 30 years in the Army, said he would take the flags down and send them to troops in Afghanistan.

He now plans to fly the flag of St George and the Union Jack instead.

Planning regulations

Mr Hicking said: "I thought it was a good gesture to show my support to Derby County, being a loyal fan and everything and it made me happy."

He added: "The flags will be coming down and be donated to the troops of the Worcestershire Foresters in Afghanistan.

"I feel it's a good gesture, from one squaddy to another."

A spokeswoman for South Derbyshire District Council said: "It's against the town and country planning regulations to fly a flag that contains an advertisement and a football club flag would be considered to fall into that category."

She confirmed that the council was investigating a complaint made about the flags.

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