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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 May 2007, 11:25 GMT 12:25 UK
Police close down rap gig venue
T5 night club
Police said they had not been given enough notice about the gig
Police in Derby have closed down a nightclub for 24 hours after concerns were raised about a gig being held by an American rapper.

Almost 600 people bought tickets to see Lloyd Banks perform at the T5 Club on Colyear Street on Saturday.

But police said a proper risk assessment had not been done and there were concerns about possible disorder.

Promoters of the event said they offered to cancel the gig, but felt the police's actions were excessive.

"The police should have gone round the venue and seen it, seen what security measures there are for the concert but they didn't do it," said a promoter for the event known as Meesh.

Sadly it is a small minority who cause significant problems
Ch Insp Gary Parkin

Fellow promoter Kace Clarke said: "There's been no previous trouble at any of his (Lloyd Banks) concerts that he's done in the past.

"We have some information on previous concerts he has done and there have been no issues that could have been brought up."

Ch Insp Gary Parkin said: "Unfortunately there have been a number of firearms-related incidents at similar events connected with this music genre in the East and West Midlands, London and Manchester.

"We accept the majority of people who attend are just there to enjoy themselves and sadly it is a small minority who cause significant problems.

"We have to balance this up against the security of all people visiting Derby's pubs and clubs and we have a duty to ensure they feel safe."

Ticket-holders have been advised to contact the event's promoters or the outlet where they bought their tickets for more information.

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