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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 April 2007, 11:04 GMT 12:04 UK
Residents fight surgery closure
Derbyshire villagers have voiced concern over plans to close a doctor's surgery.

Derbyshire County Primary Care Trust (PCT) has suggested closing the surgery in Wingerworth to make better use of facilities at Tupton and Claycross.

The parish council has pledged to oppose the plans which would mean residents having to travel several miles to see a doctor.

A spokesperson from the PCT said no final decision had been made.


Maurice Kaye, aged 85 and a Wingerworth resident, said he was disappointed to hear about the proposals.

"In a word, I was flabbergasted," said Mr Kaye.

"The three doctors have been operating three units of the surgery ever since I have been here and that's been over 20 years.

"With these plans they are expecting people to travel to Tupton or Claycross and it's too far."

Parish clerk Mike Taylor said: "This is a large parish, almost 7,000 people, and they are going to be unhappy about it and not just those directly affected."

In a statement, Derbyshire County PCT said closing the surgery in Wingerworth meant residents would be able to use the more modern facilities at Tupton and Claycross.

The consultation is expected to last about 12 weeks and the PCT has invited people to express their opinions on the surgery closure plans.

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