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Inventor makes rotating eco-home
Artist's impression of the house
The house should generate more energy than it uses
An inventor has designed a three-storey house on wheels that can revolve to follow the sun during the day.

The 500,000 environmentally-friendly home will feature solar panels and use tyres and railway tracks to rotate.

Robin Hamilton will add wind turbines and also use recyclable materials to build the home on a former quarry near Snelton, Ashbourne.

He said the rotation was not a gimmick and would help create more energy than the 700-tonne home will use.

"It's going to rotate to make maximum use of solar energy. We are going to gain solar energy by tracking the sun.

"As the sun swings round so the house will rotate.

We were able to break [planning] rules, break through those barriers, because it was so revolutionary
Kay Davies, planner

"Also the wind turbines, which are an integral part of the roof, will be facing the direction of the prevailing winds which tend to be south westerly here."

Rural property surveyors Fisher German helped with the development.

Head of the planning team Kay Davies said: "You're not allowed to create new dwellings in the countryside unless they're specifically for agricultural purposes.

"In this case we were able to break those rules, break through those barriers, because it was so revolutionary."

Mr Hamilton, who has been given planning permission for the home, said the only problem he could envisage would be the fact that a revolving building might confuse his cats when they tried to get in.

He hopes to have completed his new home within two years.

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