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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 October 2006, 13:05 GMT 14:05 UK
Village war memorial is unveiled
Cliff Housley, of Sawley Parish Council, at the memorial
The village has never had a war memorial before
A war memorial has been unveiled in a Derbyshire village after a successful campaign by residents.

The monument marks the sacrifice made by the people of Sawley who gave their lives in both world wars.

Villagers started their campaign because the only memorial to the fallen of both conflicts is a plaque in a corner of the parish church.

The war memorial and a new village sign were unveiled at a ceremony near Lock Lane on Saturday.

Cliff Housley, of Sawley Parish Council, said: "I just think people now, particularly younger people, should remember what people have done for them, that all the privileges they've got nowadays are due to those men."

Memorial for 'last war veteran'
01 Oct 06 |  Tayside and Central

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