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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 July 2006, 15:45 GMT 16:45 UK
Town troublemakers to be moved on
Troublemakers in a Derbyshire town could face arrest if they do not move on when asked to do so by police.

A dispersal order has been granted for Long Eaton - meaning people causing trouble in the community can be asked to leave certain areas.

If they return to the area within 24 hours, or refuse to move on, they can be arrested.

Inspector Mark Argyle, from Derbyshire Police, said he hoped the Section 30 order would cut anti-social behaviour.

"The town centre and West Park area have experienced a significant increase in criminal damage and other anti-social behaviour which is clearly not acceptable," said Inspector Argyle.

"A small minority of individuals are responsible and they are spoiling community safety for the majority, which cannot be allowed to continue," he added.

The order will run from 15 July 2006 until 15 January 2007.

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