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Last Updated: Friday, 16 June 2006, 10:24 GMT 11:24 UK
Villagers lose mains water battle
Residents of a Rutland village have been refused a grant to install a mains water supply.

Wardley near Uppingham has been left without water for days at a time as it relies on water pumped from a borehole and pressure can be low.

Environment officials Defra said insufficient homes in the village meant Wardley did not qualify for a grant.

A study by Severn Trent Water said residents would have to pay 200,000 to connect the village to the mains.

'Last hope'

But one resident, Richard Marchant, said paying 200,000 between 13 houses would be too much.

"The water company has no responsibility or obligation to provide water to the village. If we want to have it, we will have to pay for it.

"There aren't even any fire hydrants in the village so if there is a fire we have to wait for someone to come from Loughborough," he said.

Villager Charlie Gamble said they had tried every possible angle to fund a mains connection and that the grant from Defra was the last hope.

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