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Licence leaves band in the shade
Elwood (left) and Jake Blues aka Mark Moore and William Smith Eccles
The duo say the pictures often confuse officials
A Blues Brothers tribute band have been granted leave to wear sunglasses on their picture driving licences.

The two men, who have changed their names to Jake and Elwood Blues, said they would be unrecognisable if they had to remove the "permanent fixtures".

The duo, of South Normanton, Derbys, also got the glasses on their passport photos before a ban in 2002.

The DVLA said where overall facial features are not impaired, objects like sunglasses could be accepted.

The 1980 cult movie features John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as a musical act dressed in distinctive dark suits, hats and sunglasses.

Police car

Jake Blues, original name William Smith-Eccles, said: "We are always touring and are always wearing the glasses, so it's good our licences are an accurate depiction of that.

"We drive a 1972 American police car, just like the one in the film, so you can imagine that gets us a bit of attention.

"After one gig we were pulled over for having a light out and when the policeman came over he could smell the beer from the pub.

"He asked for my name and thought I was making a joke - but once we explained everything he thought it was hilarious."

A spokesperson for the DVLA said: "The decision to accept or reject a photograph is on a case by case basis.

"Initially, the applications for the two licences were rejected. However, the applicants were able to provide proof that the images already appeared on their passports."

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