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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 December 2005, 15:47 GMT
Fake police gang targeted elderly
(left to right) William Cawley snr, William Cawley jnr and Luke Wall
The gang made more than 60,000
Three members of a family who posed as police officers to steal from elderly people have been jailed.

Derby Crown Court heard William Cawley snr, his son William Cawley jnr and brother-in-law Luke Wall admitted to a total of 32 offences.

They made more than 60,000 from deceiving elderly people living in London, Derbyshire and Cheshire.

Cawley jnr, 22, and Wall, 23, were each jailed for five years. Cawley snr, 43, was jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Sentencing them, Judge John Wait, described their crimes as "calculated, callous dishonesty".

I was frightened to open the door and I got all new locks fitted
Victim of the gang
In all the cases, householders were confronted by smartly dressed young men flashing what appeared to be identity cards from either the Metropolitan or Derbyshire police forces.

The judge was told one had a photograph of a police inspector which was later found to have been taken from a "Police. Stop!" video of motor crime footage.

One 77-year-old victim in London said: " "I feel terrible."

"I don't sleep in my bed anymore. I sleep on the settee in the front room.

"I was frightened to open the door and I got all new locks fitted."

The court was told how heroin and crack cocaine addict Cawley jnr committed the offences to fund a 140-a-day habit.

Caravan site

He admitted 18 separate offences, mainly of burglary or attempted burglary, and the court heard he benefited to a total of 59,980.

Wall, who is Cawley jnr's brother-in-law, admitted six offences and he benefited to a total of 880.

Cawley snr admitted 14 offences and benefited to a total of 1,580.

The judge said he accepted Cawley snr had only ever acted as a driver.

All three are formerly of Park Road, north-west London but had moved to a caravan site in Tansley, Derbyshire.

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