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Tania accused plotted a 'fright'
Tania Moore
Tania Moore was found dead in her car less than a mile from her home
A man whose ex-fiancée was shot dead in her car has told Nottingham Crown Court he paid another man to "frighten" her.

Mark Dyche, 36, of Thurvaston Road, Marston Montgomery, Derbys, denies murdering Tania Moore.

Colin Colley, 41, of Waterside Drive in Newstead, Stoke, has admitted conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm to the 26-year-old.

The riding instructor was found dead less than a mile from her home in Alkmonton, Derbys, on 29 March 2004.

Mr Dyche told the court he gave Mr Colley a gun as part payment to scare his victim after she started spreading rumours about him.

He said he told Mr Colley to run her off the road, grab her and "possibly give her a slap" but not hurt her physically.

The digger driver also denies conspiracy to rob Miss Moore a year earlier.

'Spreading rumours'

He told the jury that he and Mr Colley agreed a price of £2,000 for the job, and he later agreed to give him a semi-automatic shotgun being sold by a pub landlord as part payment.

He said the showjumper had been spreading rumours that he had given her a sexually transmitted disease, had been involved in criminal activity and was behind a robbery and brutal attack on her in her home.

Howard Bentham QC, defending Mr Dyche, asked him: "What was it that you resolved to do?"

He replied: "To pay someone to put the wind up her so that she would keep her mouth shut about me - just frighten her."

Mr Bentham added: "Did you intend at any time to do Tanya Moore really serious bodily harm?"

"No," the defendant replied.

The trial continues.

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