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Woman 'murdered by obsessive ex'
Tania Moore
Tania Moore was found dead in her VW Polo
A young woman was shot dead by her obsessive ex-fiance after he ran her off the road, a court has heard.

Mark Dyche, 36, allegedly ambushed Tania Moore as she drove home from riding stables where she worked.

After months of threatening her and stealing from her home, he shot her in the face after running her car off the road, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Mr Dyche, of Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire denies murder and conspiracy to rob the 26-year-old in March 2003.

Miss Moore, from Alkmonton, Derbyshire, had been followed for several miles after finishing a riding lesson before Mr Dyche's car crashed into hers, it was alleged.

He then smashed the car window and shot her at point-blank range while she was trapped behind the wheel, just a mile from her home, jurors heard.

Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, said the murder was the end of a long campaign of obsession.

He said: "He had known Tania Moore for quite some time.

"He had gone out with Tania, he had got engaged to Tania, he had bought Tania gifts and then they broke up.

He wanted her hurting - he wanted her legs breaking - he wanted her eyes gouged out
Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting

"Then the campaign started - possessive, jealous and obsessive.

"The murder was the finishing point, the starting point was that he used to watch her, he would threaten her, he would steal things from her.

"Then he had her robbed.

"He approached others to rob her. He wanted her hurting. He wanted her legs breaking. He wanted her eyes gouged out.

"He wanted to be in control."

Another man, Colin Colley, 40, of Newstead, Stoke-on-Trent, who accompanied Ms Moore's ex-fiance to Long Lane in Longford, both of them dressed in paper suits, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to inflict grievous bodily harm, the court heard.

Mr Joyce added: "This was no chance shooting, no chance killing.

"He waited until she drove by and followed her.

"Having disabled her car, Mr Dyche then got out and shot her."

Stalking campaign

Mr Dyche claims it was Mr Colley who shot Miss Moore after he told him just to frighten her.

But Mr Joyce said Colley had believed he was just helping to frighten the riding instructor and had not had time to get out of the car before Mr Dyche shot her.

The court was also told Mr Dyche had paid others to rob and assault Miss Moore in June 2003.

He borrowed 2,000 from his new girlfriend and told the men he wanted them to steal a watch he had given Miss Moore as a gift and her mobile phone.

Two men, Craig Stonier, 41 and John Booth, 23, and a 17-year-old - all from Stoke-on-Trent - have previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob.

A fourth man, Jason Bloor, 32, of Kendrick Street, Longton, Stoke, denies the same offence and is standing trial alongside Dyche.

The case continues

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