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Recipe for Squichanary Pye
Recipe for Squichanary Pye
Recipe for Squichanary Pye
  • Boil the roots till they are tender then grill them and season with beets, cinnoman and sugar

  • Powor (pour) over then a quarter of a pint of white wine and about three spoonfull of vinegar so let them stand till next day

  • When you put them in the dish power the whine they stopt in upon them and put in any sort of wet sweet meets

  • Then place but besure a good deal of currant jelly for it will make the roots look of a good cullor

  • Put in the yolks of two eggs boiled, have some candyed orange lemon and citron pill, cut them in thin slices and put some butter on the top and bottom

  • About half an hour will bake it

  • When you take it out of the oven take a quarter of a pint of white wine and sweeton it and beat the yolk of an egg in it and thicken it a little over a fire

  • Take the lid of the pye and powor it in and shake it together and send it up (to the master's table)

  • Some put lumps of marrow in the pye

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