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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 April, 2005, 13:39 GMT 14:39 UK
Search for family who 'saw UFOs'
"Mysterious" flashing lights
The lights were spotted over Derbyshire in 1994
Fresh reports of UFO sightings over Derbyshire have emerged with the release of government documents under the new Freedom of Information Act.

The papers reveal a family from Crich claim they saw strange lights in the sky 11 years ago and made a report to the RAF.

A Cardiff researcher is trying to trace that family in an effort to shed some light on the subject.

But Chris Fowler said the identity of the eyewitnesses remains a mystery.

The helicopters circle around and after the UFO reappears after they fly off
Chris Fowler, UFO hunter

He said they made an official report, which he has seen under the new act, but their names have been blanked out.

Mr Fowler said there is video coverage of the alleged sighting in August 1994 as well.

"It was videotaped and after a few minutes you can see helicopters approaching and as one of them gets quite close, the UFO disappears," he said.

"Then the helicopters circle around and after the UFO reappears after they fly off."

The sighting was independently witnessed by the family who reported it to the RAF - and it was forwarded to the Ministry of Defence.

The video was shot by another person in Derbyshire and shown on ITV on 1995.

The MOD have said they did not have a helicopter in the area at the time.

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