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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 19:55 GMT 20:55 UK
County officers to use taser guns
Taser guns
Taser guns can fire darts up to 21ft to disable suspects
Derbyshire Police is the latest force to launch the taser stun gun which delivers at 50,000 volt electric shock.

Tasers have been tested by five police forces, including Lincolnshire, but Amnesty International cites cases in the US linking their use to fatalities.

The county's Police Federation said it supports the use of the guns which will incapacitate, rather than injure.

Leicestershire already uses the gun and Nottinghamshire Police are set to introduce them next month.

Amnesty claims coroners in America have linked 15 deaths to stun guns and that more investigations are needed.

The makers of the guns and the police insist the weapons only give a low level electric shock, which does not have any long term health implications.

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