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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 June, 2005, 14:22 GMT 15:22 UK
Security guard saves stowaway cat
Eric Fisher and Mina the kitten
Mr Fisher had to move pieces of the engine to rescue Mina
A kitten has been saved by a security guard after travelling 30 miles clinging to the inside of a car bonnet.

The six-week old female cat was found lying next the engine's spark plugs after the driver parked at a shopping centre near Matlock, Derbyshire.

Eric Fisher, 46, of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, who worked at the complex, was called to help after mewing was heard.

The kitten has been adopted by another member of staff at the centre, Emma Templehan, who has named her Mina.

She was very hot and her paws were covered in oil
Eric Fisher
Security guard

Mr Fisher a guard at the Peak Village Shopping Centre said: "We lifted the bonnet and a kitten was inside the engine - we had to move a lot of things to get it.

"It looked like she had got in from underneath and couldn't get out from the top or side.

"We managed to move some things in the engine and managed to get her out - Luckily she was unharmed.

"She was very hot and her paws were covered in oil."

The motorist did not say where he had driven from, just how far he had travelled before leaving without giving his details, according to Mr Fisher.

"When I moved the wires and I took her out, she jumped onto the front of my shirt and clung on.

I had oily prints all over my shirt all day long...I'm keeping it as a memento.
Eric Fisher, cat saviour

"For the rest of the day she stayed in the security room and I looked after her, I cleaned her up and she had a very good appetite.

"She ate the inside of the pork pie I was supposed to be having for my lunch and half a tin or tuna and lots of water.

"I had oily prints all over my shirt all day long, the shirt's been washed, but you can still see paw prints, so I'm keeping it as a memento," Mr Fisher added.

Emma Templehan who works at a store in the centre and her boyfriend James Bristow, both from Darley Dale, have taken the cat home.

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