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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 July, 2004, 15:56 GMT 16:56 UK
'Enough evidence' in ambush case
From top left: Sergeant Simon Alexander Hamilton-Jewell; Corporal Russell Aston; Corporal Paul Graham Long; Corporal Simon Miller; Lance-Corporal Benjamin Hyde; Lance-Corporal Thomas Keys.
The men were surrounded by a mob and killed
Enough evidence has been gathered against suspects in the murder of six military policemen to take the case forward, the Prime Minister has said.

Tony Blair said it would be unacceptable if the Red Caps' killers were pardoned in an amnesty proposed by the Iraqi interim government.

The Ministry of Defence has asked the Iraqi Central Criminal Court to investigate the deaths.

The files on the deaths of the Red Caps have been given to the Iraqi court.

Possible amnesty

At Parliamentary question time on Wednesday, Plaid Cymru's Elfin Llwyd said: "My constituents, the parents of the late Lance Corporal Tom Keys, are very concerned that the court will not proceed with the investigations."

Lance Cpl Keys died just four days before his 21st birthday alongside five other Red Caps who were defending a police station 120 miles north of Basra.

The military policemen were killed on 24 June last year after being surrounded by more than 400 protesting Iraqis.

Corporal Simon Miller, 21
Tyne and Wear
Sergeant Simon Alexander Hamilton-Jewell, 41
from Chessington, Surrey
Corporal Russell Aston, 30
Swadlincote, Derbyshire
Corporal Paul Graham Long, 24
Lance-Corporal Benjamin John McGowan Hyde, 23
Northallerton, Yorks
Lance-Corporal Thomas Richard Keys, 20
Bala, N Wales

Mr Llwyd was also concerned about any potential amnesty for insurgents.

"Would you intervene personally to ensure that the investigation proceeds to a fair conclusion, especially since suspects' names are known?" he asked.

The father of a South Derbyshire soldier killed in the ambush backed the Prime Minister's call for the killers to be brought to justice.

Corporal Russell Aston from Newhall, was among the Red Caps killed defending a police station last June.

Cpl Aston's father Mike says he is still not convinced a trial will happen.

PM asked to probe Red Caps death
19 May 04  |  North West Wales

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