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Last Updated: Monday, 28 June, 2004, 19:24 GMT 20:24 UK
Double mastectomy for presenter
Becky Measures (right) with her mother Wendy Watson
Becky Measures (right) will take the same course of action as her mother
A Derbyshire commercial radio presenter has decided to have both her healthy breasts removed after tests revealed she inherited a cancer gene.

A genetic test revealed Becky Measures, 22, from Bakewell, had an 80 to 90% likelihood of getting cancer.

Her mother Wendy Watson had a double mastectomy as she also has the same high risk.

Her cousin Helen Cauldwell was diagnosed as having the disease last year, aged 29.

Cancer risk

Becky Measures' grandmother and great grandmother's deaths were both related to breast cancer.

The presenter for Peak FM, in Chesterfield, said: "Obviously it's something which is quite hard to come to terms with, especially at 22-years-old.

"But what they do these days is absolutely fantastic - they can reconstruct straight away and the surgery that they do is brilliant.

"And it's better to be here with them like that than to be six foot under. That's how I see it."

Annual breast checks recommended
22 Jun 04  |  Health


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