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Composer pens Anne Frank tribute
Anne Frank
The chorale tribute will debut in November
A Derbyshire music teacher has been commissioned to write a choral work commemorating Anne Frank's birthday.

Anne, a Jewish girl who hid in an attic to escape the Nazis in Holland, would have been 75 this month.

She wrote a diary of her life in the attic. She was eventually captured and died in a concentration camp.

Robert Steadman, a teacher at Lady Manners school in Bakewell, is writing the work for Southwell Choral Society for a performance in late November.

Hebrew score

He says it is vital that people remember the young girl who was eventually killed by the Nazis.

"She died when she was 15 - and I think it is good that young people today are still being reminded of her."

He said the music will be atmospheric and sombre but with some upbeat moments.

Mr Steadman said the choir would be singing in Hebrew so the score will be written out phonetically.

Anne's teenage diary has been translated into dozens of languages and read by millions worldwide.

A travelling exhibition on the life of Anne Frank is being shown at Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire in October and November.

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