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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 May, 2004, 20:16 GMT 21:16 UK
Last hurdle for dieting champion
Jody Bunting
Jody Bunting will have four operations
A fitness instructor who lost 19 stone is having surgery to remove excess skin.

Jody Bunting, 23, from Hatton in Derbyshire, said he was inspired to lose the weight by the birth of his daughter Phoebe, who is three.

He will have a tummy tuck at Nottingham City Hospital, then skin on his buttocks, inner thighs and triceps and chest will be tightened.

The surgery will be carried out on the NHS but Mr Bunting had to put his case to a council to be considered.

In 2001 Mr Bunting weighed 31 stone but still managed to work as a fitness instructor.

One of the most embarrassing things was I had to have my photo taken completely naked
Jody Bunting
He said: "When Phoebe my daughter was three months old I decided to do something about it and start more exercise classes and really got into healthy eating as well.

But his success in loosing weight left him with another problem;

"Basically the problem is the loose skin. After losing 19 stones the elasticity has disappeared after being stretched so much.

"I am having a tummy tuck operation and this is going to be the first of four operations."

He had to go to some lengths to persuade the NHS to fund the work.

He said: "One of the most embarrassing things was I had to have my photo taken completely naked in order to have my case considered."

Jody Bunting
"I wouldn't change a thing"

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