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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 September, 2004, 05:30 GMT 06:30 UK
Asbestos school head suspension
The headteacher of a Derby school at the centre of an asbestos scare has been suspended after an inquiry into events around its three-month closure.

Around 750,000 had to be spent decontaminating the school in Mickleover after asbestos was found during routine building work in March.

Independent experts said health risks to children and staff had been minimal.

But now head teacher Phil Robinson has been suspended by Derby City Council pending further investigations.

Management arrangments

His duties will be carried out by the deputy headteacher for the time being.

Education Director Andrew Flack said: "The actions we have taken do not determine individual responsibility for the events surrounding the major incident at the school. This is the next stage in dealing with the issues.

"Since pupils returned to the school, it has continued to run effectively through the efforts of staff and we have put in place management arrangements for this to continue."

The Health and Safety Executive is carrying out its own investigation into the events at Silverhill Primary School.

The school was closed for three months while new flooring, ceilings and windows were put in and its 400 pupils were taught at other city schools.

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