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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 April, 2004, 17:54 GMT 18:54 UK
Murder accused 'punched victim'
A man accused of beating a suspected paedophile to death said he wept after the killing because he "didn't think things would go that far".

Daniel Poole admitted attacking Matthew Murray on 9 July last year, but said he only punched him to the ground in Stretton, Derbyshire.

His friend Richard Greyham then kicked and stamped on Mr Murray, it was claimed in court.

Three men, including Mr Poole, deny charges of murdering Mr Murray.

Mr Poole, 21, his uncle Steven Poole, 37, and Mr Greyham, 31, are standing trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

'Sat and cried'

On Thursday, Mr Poole told the court he had gone with the other men to look for Mr Murray because Mr Greyham "wanted to give him a good hiding".

They had earlier heard allegations Mr Murray had sexually abused a young girl.

Mr Poole admitted punching Mr Murray five times, but said Mr Greyham then began kicking him in the chest and stamping on him, despite being urged to stop.

Recalling how he felt after he and his co-accused heard Mr Murray had died, Mr Poole said he felt scared and simply sat and cried.

The trial continues.

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