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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 March, 2004, 11:02 GMT
Hopes fade for new swimming pool
Campaigners trying to get a swimming pool built in Derbyshire say they are nearly ready to throw in the towel.

They want to build the healthy living centre in Bolsover to replace the town's old pit baths, which were lost when the mine closed in 1993.

But despite the backing of the local council, Bolsover Leisure and Baths has been unable to obtain any grants.

Now Sports Minister Richard Caborn has told them he cannot commit lottery funding to the scheme either.

So campaigners and councillors have decided to look at downsizing the project to a smaller community pool to see if it would still be eligible for funding from Sport England.

'Council is committed'

But they say that if that doesn't work they may have to call it a day.

Bolsover councillor Keith Bowman said they were "totally bemused" at the constant refusals for funding.

"Every time we have applied for funding we have had our legs kicked from beneath us.

"Unless we receive funding from one of the main grant bodies such as Sport England or the New Opportunities Fund, it looks very unlikely that the project will get off the ground.

"The council is committed to the project and will support the partners in their endeavours, but we simply cannot afford to build and run a leisure project of this size on our own."

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