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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 February, 2004, 17:48 GMT
Speed camera burnt out
Speed camera
Speed cameras are said to be effective safety devices

An arsonist has destroyed a speed camera in Derbyshire, the third such attack in as many months.

Petrol was poured into the back of one of two cameras on Tamworth Road, Long Eaton and set alight.

The Derbyshire Safety Camera Partnership says the cameras can cost more than 4,000 to replace.

Police say despite cameras at this location being targeted repeatedly, they are determined to repair them in the interests of safety.

Sergeant Ian Windmill, of the safety camera partnership, said: "If you are driving down this road at 30 miles an hour, obeying the speed limit, then there is no Big Brother aspect, there is no fine.

"If, with these cameras, we can reduce the speed of vehicles and the consequences of that speed - the injuries and the severity of the injuries - then it has to be worth it."

He said the pillar for the damaged camera had already been replaced and the new camera would be working by next week at the latest.

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