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Last Updated: Friday, 30 January, 2004, 15:48 GMT
Speed camera fines revoked
Motorists are to have speeding fines refunded after a police officer had wrongly altered the date on a safety camera by a Derbyshire road.

It emerged the officer made the mistake while loading a new film into a camera beside the A619 Chesterfield Road at Brimington.

At least five people caught by the camera on 5 November 2003 are to have their fines refunded.

The penalty points will also be removed from their driving licences.

No action

Jeffrey Hall, from Derbyshire police's central ticket office, explained anyone who is concerned they may be affected should get in touch.

He said: "The speeds were recorded accurately on this camera, these people were exceeding the speed limit.

"But because the date is wrongly recorded we are not going to take any further action.

"If anyone has any doubts about being affected they can get in touch."

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