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Last Updated: Friday, 16 January, 2004, 12:23 GMT
Woman's attacker has sentence cut
A Derbyshire man who indecently assaulted and beat up an 83-year-old woman, leaving her in psychiatric care, has had his jail term cut by two years.

Russell Clifford, 41, from Fletcher Street in Heanor, was sentenced to eight years in jail at Derby Crown Court last September.

The judges at the Appeal Court heard he subjected her to a violent sexual and physical assault during the attack last July, in which she suffered 51 separate injuries.

The woman's family say they are disgusted her attacker will be out of jail sooner than expected.

The victim's grand-daughter said the experience had left the old lady "a broken woman, sitting in the psychiatric ward of the local hospital".

She said: "The sentence that's been passed on my grandma can never be appealed against, that's something she's got for the rest of her life."

In reducing Clifford's sentence, Mr Justice Wakerley said the allowance made by the trial judge for his early guilty plea was not enough.


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