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Last Updated: Friday, 9 January, 2004, 08:21 GMT
Care home to close
A Derbyshire residential home, formerly owned by Florence Nightingale, is to shut in June.

The closure of Lea Hurst at Holloway will affect 23 pensioners and 37 staff.

It had been losing around 100,000 a year, but owners Age Care had come up with plans for a 4m expansion.

Staff said objections from people living nearby prevented any development and made the home's closure a certainty.

Not far-sighted

Lea Hurst has been caring for elderly people for over half a century.

Eileen Hall, who works at the home, said; "The staff are completely devastated that the village has not supported us.

"I'm not saying all the villagers, we know some are on our side, but there is a nucleus that have been against us.

"There are not far-sighted enough to know they will one day need the facilities here."

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11 Nov 03  |  Health

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