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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 August, 2003, 10:30 GMT 11:30 UK
Clubs offer 'overdose' training
training in dealing with overdoses
The training includes basic first-aid techniques
Nightclub staff in the East Midlands are being trained to deal with drug and alcohol overdoses in a series of training courses.

The programme to train 150 staff at 23 of Derby's nightclubs is being started in response to the growing number of overdoses in the region.

East Midlands Ambulance Service told BBC News that paramedics were being called to more than 1,000 drugs overdoses every month in the East Midlands.

Rob Rigley, a medical student, who is running the courses, says a heroin user died at a night club where he was working.

"This training can make a big difference - if a person stops breathing for a few minutes, it can cause major brain damage," he said.

Rob Rigley
At nightclubs, binge drinking combined with drugs can produce a whole range of effects
Rob Rigley

"It is a great idea as it prepares staff to deal with the situation if something happens," he said.

Prisoners with drug addiction problems are also being targeted by Nottinghamshire's drug services.

A video has been prepared warning former inmates of the threat of overdoses after studies showed that many former prisoners go back to drugs after being released.

Mr Rigley, who works with drugs awareness group Addaction, said the training, which includes basic first-aid techniques, has been popular with bar staff.

"You have a lot of people getting very, very drunk at nightclubs and we need to be very careful.

"At nightclubs, binge drinking combined with drugs can produce a whole range of effects."


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